Sermon – On the seventh beatitude

Contemporary Art, Installation, Sculpture, Sound
About This Project


Sermon – On the seventh beatitude a reconstructed pallet-wood pulpit, created to explore symbolism and the transformation of profane materials into sacred objects. The work thus creates a sacred space within the gallery for the ritual act of accent.


One the viewer ascends to the top of the pulpit, they are presented with an intimate recording of an accompanying monologue recorded by Spencer. The transcript can be accessed here:  Sermon on the seventh beatitude.


In the work Spencer explores the transformation of material into sacred, and applies the external procedure of ritual accent. There is a sense that he played with the viewers awkwardness of physically engaging with artwork. The reward of assertion is the recording, intended to direct the viewer to an existential inner voyage of Self.


Exhibited at # Flaunt-It 2 a co-curated exhibition by Tony Spencer and Peter McGinnis, Southampton 2019

Audio text inspired by author Robert Holden and philosopher Sri Anish.

Materials: Reclaimed-wood, black mat paint, audio recording, headphones.

© Tony Spencer 2019