A full-size single-screen video installation depicting a West African musician


Shown at the Kartong International Festival, The Gambia and in England as part of the Journeys Festival International, Portsmouth.


Spencer said: “I met Spearman during a two-year self-directed residency living in Kartong Village, The Gambia from 2012-14. We were both members of Kouma Kan, performing as djembe drummers. We rehearsed five days a week for 3 hours per day; developing a strong relationship. In 2014 the economic crisis and political unrest in the country forced men from the village, including Spearman to journey the ‘backway’ to Europe. Growing media attention talked about the ‘migration crisis’ and the recurring subject of migrant deaths at sea. The aim of Spearman was therefore to transport an essence of him home in order to occupy a transient place performing with Kouma Kan at the Kartong International Festival. Through the work I aimed to create a platform for a wider dialogue about the reasons for migration, and explore themes of solidarity, home, existentialism, African tradition, identity and integration.”



Performer – Famara Bojang (Spearman)
Editor – Neil Hunt
Production Assistant – Helena Eflerová
Photography – Modou Lamin Dumbaya – Association of Photo Journalists The Gambia


© Tony Spencer and Kye Wilson 2017


Supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.