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Tony Spencer (b.1971) is a British artist, with a practice based at The Yard Studios, Winchester, Hampshire. He works with geometric abstraction in the mediums of sculpture, sound installation and (Mokuhanga) Japanese woodblock printmaking. He studied a BA in Fine Art Sculpture at Northumbria University and a PGDip in Gallery Studies at Newcastle University. Tony is an Associate Artist and Trustee at Chapel Arts Studios (CAS), Andover, UK.



My relationship with geometry reflects a desire for simplicity, rhythm, and harmony. I create geometric sculptures from recycled wood, playing with reflective space, texture, and colour to enhance the viewer’s experience. The sculptures also include sensor-generated responsive sounds as site specific response or designed to calm the mind and reduce tension. In addition to sculpture, I produce contemporary Japanese woodblock prints (Mokuhanga) using two-dimensional geometric forms to interpret alchemical symbols and images in accordance with Carl Jung’s theories.


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