Saturated Space

Nothing Would Disturb Me a geometric sound sculpture based on the Icosahedron, was exhibited at Sandham Memorial Chapel in a group exhibition by CAS Artists titled Saturated Space.

Tony Spencer says, “According to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, the Icosahedron represents the element Water. I therefore thought it was fitting to include it in the show as a tribute to Stanley Spencer. The title is taken from one of his paintings within the Chapel, representing the solace he found in a space lying between two bath tubs. It echos what I feel the inside of the sculpture represents”.

Visitors at the opening night on 11 March were able to experience a live performance by sound artists Tony Spencer and Samantha Britton, accompanied by artists’ Maija Liepins and Christine Dodd created interactive movement around the space, providing the viewers with a unique site-specific experience. The geometric sculpture is part of a serie from a new project titled: Nothing ‘is’ Immediate. The work is scheduled to be exhibited throughout Hampshire made possible through aArts Council England Project Grants.



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