Contemporary Art, Installation, Sculpture, Sound
About This Project


Tetrahedron is a geometric sound sculpture based on the third Platonic solid, and associated with the element Fire.


Tetrahedron, together with Nothing Would Disturb Me, were premiered in November 2020 for the Nothing ‘is’ Immediate project exhibition at Artspace Portsmouth. The exhibition, a collaboration between Tony Spencer and Kate Street, presented a synergetic installation in response to the sacred and profane aspects of the elements Fire and Water.


The interior of the sculpture is covered in bright canary yellow flock, which permeates within the interior form. The sculpture incorporates the therapeutic sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, which are activated by the movement of the viewer within the gallery space. This in turn vibrates the flock material, creating visual movement.


Materials: discarded pallet-wood, mirrored perspex, blackest paint, flock, electronics, acoustic sound


© Tony Spencer 2021



Supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.