Nothing Would Disturb Me

Contemporary Art, Installation, Sculpture, Sound
About This Project


Nothing Would Disturb Me is a geometric sculptural sound installation based on the Icosahedron, the second Platonic solid. The work was created in 2020 for the: Nothing ‘is’ Immediate project.


The Icosahedron is symbolically associated with the element water. The sculpture’s interior presents a dark infinite space created by Black 2.0 paint and bronze reflected mirrors on each plane. Like the mythical well Mímisbrunnr, it presents a symbol of purification and hidden wisdom. The work is an immersive installation, which omits  combined therapeutic sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, triggered by the viewer’s movement within the gallery space. As the sounds vibrate in mathematical intervals, they in turn create a vibration within the material structure of the sculpture, that can be physically experienced through touch.


The work was premiered in March 2020 at a Chapel Arts Studios group show titled ‘Saturated Space’, at Sandham Memorial Chapel, in response to a mural by Stanley Spencer (1891-1959) , painted by the artist to commemorate the ‘forgotten dead’ of the First World War. Stanley Spencer nicknamed the Chapel The God Box, and amongst his painted murals of Beauford War Hospital, there are many references to the ritual of water, washing and scrubbing, with the representation of the twenty hand basins and six bathtubs.

The work was further exhibited within Hampshire based Galleries, as part of the Nothing ‘is’ Immediate project.


Materials: discarded pallet-wood, mirrored perspex, electronics, acoustic sounds

© Tony Spencer 2020