Church of David Hockney

Contemporary Art, Installation, Sculpture, Sound
About This Project


Church of David Hockney site-specific installation created through a collaboration between Spencer and Peter McGinnis.


The work, a kneeler reconstructed from reclaimed-wood, is located within a confined space at the top of steps ascending to a bricked-up entrance with a window. The installation invites the viewer to ascend the steps and perform the ritual act of kneeling in front of a suspended plastic stained-glass effect replica of David Hockney’s original stained-glass window at Westminster Abbey.


The kneeler emanates the recorded sound of Spencer whispering a satirical version of a Gregorian chant Hosanna filio David (praising David). Upon kneeling the viewer can feel the physical vibration of the words through the conceal speaker.


The work considers the relationship between the sacred and profane, the transformation of basic material and art into a sacred object. The transformation of a space once used for containing cattle before being sold for meat, into one of spiritual contemplation.


Presented at Arches Open Studio’s, Southampton 2019

Material: reclaimed wooden pallets, fabric, sound

© Tony Spencer & Peter McGinnis 2019