Nothing ‘is’ Immediate evaluation

Undertaking the project enabled me to make new work and produce a touring exhibition across Hampshire. This supported my transition towards working as a freelance artist. It helped me to increase social capital by building strong relationships and networks with arts organisations, artists and audiences.

Although the COVID pandemic presented a constant challenge throughout 2020/21, the shift to online communication provided an opportunity to present the project across national online platforms including a critique with John Bloomfield Curator at Wysing Arts Centre Cambridge, group crits at Haarlem Arts Centre Derby, Chapel Arts Studios Andover and a presentation at Matt Roberts autumn artist mentoring group.

I enjoyed producing the work it was ambitious both in scale and technicality. Despite the restrictions of COVID, by maintaining an adaptive mindset I was able to research new technologies that expanded my ideas about the effects of kinaesthetic, auditory and visual art experiences for neurodiverse communities.

Public feedback demonstrated that the resonant sound frequencies created an immersive experience, that had a positive effect on a person’s emotional wellbeing. Audience feedback expressed that the exhibitions had a profound effect on reducing stress and anxiety.

Vera “Brilliant exhibition. The experience of the sound was amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed it and didn’t want to leave. Stunning work and overall exhibition. Beautiful!! Congratulations!”

Sue “Beautiful show. A really calming and moving installation”

Fran “Soothing and meditative, beautiful sounds, shapes and colours”

Collaberating with other artists brought new perspectives to the themes, a diversity of voices and a chance to foster co-curation and  co-creative leadership. The project supported our practice and encouraged self-managed wellbeing during a challenging 18 months. It supported my own mental wellbeing and resilience during the COVID pandemic.

The project contributed to the confidence of audiences returning to venues, and the stability of the region’s arts-ecology.

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