Nothing ‘is’ Immediate – ACE Grant Award

I’m extremely excited to share the news! I’ve been awarded an Arts Council England Project Grant to present: No Thing is Immediate Geometric Sculptural Installations.

I will build a set of geometric sculptures based on the 5 platonic solids to inspire participatory live-art events during this project and future ones. Each sculpture, 90cm in diameter, will incorporate sound frequencies mathematically connected to its geometry. They’ll have accessible interior spaces that manipulate light and create visual illusions (finite darkness, infinite reflection, colour etc). A series of 4 exhibitions across 12 months, with events for neurodiverse and disabled people, will challenge perceptions of what art is by using the words sacred, wellbeing, and function.

The title Nothing ‘is’ Immediate can be broken down into Nothing and Being are the same and equate to Becoming. Jean-Paul Sartre contends that nothingness relates to free consciousness and spontaneity. The ‘is’ relates to the limit and Immediate is now, the present.

Therefore, the translation is Free consciousness and spontaneity happens in the present moment.

No Thing ‘is’ Immediate is supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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