murmuration # 1

As part of my professional development in sound art, in 2018 I took part in the first ‘murmuration # 1’ located sound residency. Located in a remote retreat at Glenshee Scotland, on the edge of the Cairngorms, the retreat was facilitated by located sound experts Jez Riley-French and Chris Watson. During the week an international group of attendees explored their immersive surroundings, recording located sound and acoustic ecology in its varied forms. I was able to experiment with my newly acquired Zoom H5 sound recorder and Jez Riley-French made hydroponic and contact microphones. The experience was invaluable in providing me with further knowledge and skills to undertake creative and experimental located recordings. My intention is to further diversify my art practice by creating new sculptural sound installations.

Examples of sound files can be found on the following links to Sound Cloud:
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