Located Sounds of Old Portsmouth

I’m undertaking a new project, made possible through the Your Voice 2 residency at Art Space Portsmouth. The two weeks residency focuses on responding to oral history interviews created by young people from the Motiv8 Skills Hub, and mentoring them in new creative skills.

For the fist workshop on Wednesday 9th November, we met at Hotwalls Studios in Old Portsmouth, where I  taught them skills in located sound recording, capturing the atmospheric and abstract sounds from around Old Portsmouth and near the historical Round Tower. This area is close to the passenger ports of both the Isle of Wight and Brittany Ferries, so its rich with natural coastal sounds, mixed with the deeper rumbling bass of ferry engines churning up the water. To capture the sounds, we used MixPre 3 and Zoom H5 portable recording devices, together with omnidirectional, hydro-phonic and contact mics. This enabled them to consider the quality of sounds such as volume, responsive feelings, relaxing, noise and rhythm.

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