First Japanese Woodblock Print

Since undertaking the course at West Dean College, it took me a few months to purchase all the materials and carve out enough time to dedicate to creating my first woodblock print. My aim is to transfer my geometric sculptures into two demential prints. I wasn’t ready to go fully abstract, and I had the urge to base my first design on one of my sculptures, an Icosahedron titled Nothing Would Disturb Me.The sculpture was exhibited at Sandham Memorial Chapel in March 2020, as part of a group show titled Saturated Space. The irony was that after the opening the show had to close due to the start of the COVID pandemic. The work was left suspended in time and space for three months, so my memory of it was the revealed interior mirrors, during the install and deinstall.


The process of carving the block was incredibly satisfying. This was also due to purchasing some high quality Japanese carving tools. Over a dedicated week, I improved my carving skills, learnt how to adjust mistakes, and how to print editions, whilst trying to keep the paper damp during an extremely hot summer.


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