Christine Dodd is a contributing artist in Nothing ‘Is’ Immediate, she writes…

‘Sacralina’ 2020, Christine Dodd (wip)


Through the process of connecting with #nothingisimmediate and the icosahedron, one of the starting points in February was ‘Sacralina.’ I needed to ‘see’ something that depicted elements of the subject from my perspective: water, flow, sacral chakra, crocodiles, orange, streams, copper, sound 417hz, feminine energy, just needed to connect in someway and make a start. Even as I painted I knew that this was not the ultimate direction but a stepping stone to gain a deeper understanding of the creative process and what I was actually trying to convey. The ideas have taken unexpected twists and turns since then working in a variety of different materials and as always doing the inner work along side the creations, so I thank ‘Sacralina’ for her guidance and all the insights and reflection that the painting hours gave. She’s not completely finished and may never be but who knows 🙏




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Christine Dodd is responding to Tony Spencer’s geometric Icosahedron sculpture, corresponding with the element of water. Christine is exhibiting alongside Tony Spencer and Maija Liepins at CAS (Chapel Arts Studios) in winter 2020 as part of their ongoing exploration into sound therapy and artistic practices as processes of self-healing and self-knowing.

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