Air; Emerging

Air; Emerging

Maija Liepins with component parts of Tony Spencer’s Octahedron sculpture


On 2 August 2020, Tony Spencer gathered three of his collaborators to examine and respond to his work-in-progress Octahedron, part of a five part geometric sculpture series. On the tips of four pyramids he placed a single octahedron into which I, Maija, placed an iphone set to record. The cavities on either side of the resultant pyramid somehow invited one to stick ones head in. An experimental vocal soundscape emerged.

Click here to listen. 

At times it sounds like we are under water, or in four different caves, singing under ground. What does it sound like to you?

As each artist responds to Tony’s artworks, they will collectively journey through the elements which correspond with the five platonic solids. 

CAS Associate Artists Christine Dodd and Maija Liepins are exhibiting their work in Nothing Is Immediate with Tony Spencer at Chapel Arts Studios Andover this November. You can follow their process on this blog throughout 2020.

Maija Liepins
Instagram: @maijaliepins

Christine Dodd
Instagram: @christinedoddartist

Tony Spencer
Instagram: @tonyspencerarts
Facebook: @TonySpencerSoundTherapy

Samantha Britton
Instagram: @serenitysoundforthesoul


This blog was written by Maija Liepins for #NothingIsImmediate

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