Kaira Sound Therapy

Kaira Sound Therapy
Sound & Gong Bath Meditations


I’m Tony Spencer, Visual Artist and Sound Therapist. Through my business Kaira Sound Therapy, I offer Sound Therapy treatments and Gong Baths across Hampshire, UK. I support people who are looking for an alternative way to speed up their healing process and reach their optimum physical, mental and emotional levels of health and wellbeing.

For further information about my Sound Therapy services please contact me through my website Kaira Sound Therapy:

I deliver regular group Gong Baths across Hampshire and individual Sound Therapy treatments and Soul Energy (aka Shamanic) work from my home studio in Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK. I help people who need one or a combination of the following:

  • a restorative gong bath to help relieve stress and fatigue by relaxing and balancing the nervous system 
  • an alternative intervention to ease physical pain and activate the body’s self-healing mechanisms 
  • a way to reactivate positive physical, spiritual and emotional energy  
  • a safe space to clear negative energy and reintegrate lost parts of Self

I am insured for all treatments and a registered practitioner with The College of Sound Healing