Three identical geometric sound sculptures in the form of a nine sided nonagon, and based on the limpet.


reclaimed wood, electronically triggered sounds

80cm x 80cm


Limpets presents three identical sculptures created during the Your Voice 2 artist residency in November 2022. The two weeks residency was hosted by Artspace Portsmouth in partnership with Motiv8, a Portsmouth based charity that supports the needs of young people. The nine sided geometric sculptures are inspired by the shape of limpets that cling to the Round Tower at the back of Hotwalls Studios, Old Portsmouth. They represent a site-specific response to the coastal ecosystem and a symbolic representation of resilience. Each sculpture conceals electronics that create sensor-generated responsive sounds taken from Old Portsmouth, combined with extracts of recorded interviews the young people from Motiv8 recorded in 2021. The content I selected from the interviews addresses a young person’s perspective on mental health issues. I chose these extracts, because I felt the young people showed inner strength in sharing their feelings, and creating space for discussion and positive change to take place.


Click to view the install for a pop-up exhibition at Artspace Portsmouth, November 2022: Limpets


© Tony Spencer 2022



Supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.